The Journal of futurefound.
Yeeap. 07-02-08 00:33
I got my paid CPR renewal comin' up.


Quite awesome.

83 days til I leave Portland for ~3 years.

Oh boy, I can't believe how fucking insane I am!


Holy shit, it's been a ride, but it's time to really settle down instead of acting like I'm settled.

I feel like I'm striving from the bottom of a pool full of razor blades and oil, and it's on fire.

As I emerge to the top, the little flesh that is still attached to my face is shrinking and falling off as it burns.

Eyeballs are mutilated sacks of ooze.

I'd emit a deeper than usually yell as my hand surfaces as mangled muscle and bone, it points at a can of government peanut butter.
I'm so lucky. :)

Everyday, every breath I take, wowwe, am I lucky to what?

I hold down a good job here in Portland, I make the bucks, I save the money.

Last month I was over 10,000 miles from home, in the middle of nowhere, it was beautiful.

The people were fun, I got along great with everyone.

I've become such a good person the past year now.

I can't do a dishonest thing, not even if it makes it simple or easy for me or someone else.

I swore to GOD that I wouldn't hurt a fly or do anything horrible if horrible and pain-in-the-ass could stop hanging around.

So far, our truce has been honored.

My musical taste continues to vary.

I just noticed Morrissey right next to Cobra Starship.

What a wonderful life!

Ramble, ramble, ramble.
Ideals are fun! 06-18-08 01:09

But making one a reality, ...well. It's amazing! Here I am, thinking about where I'm headed to, both physically and in life. Something I believe truly, is that home is where the heart is. I'm dropping everything and am turning my back on everyone based on this simple ideal, my heart is 10,000 miles away, and away I will go. The moon sure is pretty and I sure have grown soft, amazingly soft. I've become so gentle compared to my old fire-starting blasphemous self. I've become so gentle compared to even some really soft pillow or gel. Do I like it? Yep. Reminds me of a David Byrne song, "Soft Seduction" embedded above, but the person playing/singing is NOT David Byrne. I sure do love David Byrne... Please listen to David Byrne?
Zhap! 06-16-08 01:24
Halo come back or something. I have started this here journal at lol in hopes that my experiences and feelings can be left outside in the air of the internet to evaporate. I previously posted on lol when it was tiny and ... blah blah blah ... Anywho, good luck to me, I'll start by giving some backup information about myself and the past recent block of time that has flipped my world, turned upside down. ...And made life most excellent.